7 Tips for Dealing with Panic Attacks

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Many people who have a panic attack are also struggling with anxiety and the whole process feels like they are suffering from a health crisis. A panic attack is usually manifested by sudden bouts of fear that can cause physical responses without a real cause for panic. People who have panic attacks feel like they are losing control and may die instantly because of a heart attack. 

The most common mental illness in America are anxiety disorders, the National Institute of Mental Health reported. “Symptoms of anxiety disorder range around mood, cognitive, and physical symptoms,” explains Joel Sherrill, Ph.D., deputy director of the Division of Services and Intervention Research at the National Institute of Mental Health.

Thus, panic attacks are symptoms of anxiety and many people who have these symptoms do not realize that they suffer from anxiety. 

“They seek treatment because they can’t sleep or they get a massage or go to the doctor because they can’t relax. Worry itself seems like the right thing to do so they don’t seek help for the worry,” says Karen Cassiday, Ph.D., ACT, president of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

“With panic, you have unexpected, sudden attacks of intense fear. You feel out of control like you are going to die, and the physical symptoms – tightness of chest, difficulty breathing – can be alarming,” says Dr. Sherrill.

So, read on for more about panic attacks and how to protect yourself from it. 

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