9 Ways to Become a Better Person in 2020

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Listen to other people and give them a suggestion if they need to

Sometimes one of the best things that you could ever do is listen to what people are saying. It is quite difficult to tell someone your thoughts and feelings because they will always start to say their experiences and all the conversation will end up being about them.

So, just be different and listen to their story and give them advice if they really need it. Try to avoid interventions like: “I feel you, but let me tell you what happened to me yesterday…” or “I feel sorry for you, but if I were you, I would do things differently, so let me tell you how…” These sentences only denote the fact that you are a narcissist. 

According to Jeet Banerjee, a well known entrepreneur, “listening to people and giving everyone a voice is one of the greatest things you can do. I got to meet some of the most amazing people, close some of the biggest deals, and develop connections that will last me a lifetime all because I took the time to listen to people. Being a good listener can change your life in a positive manner.”

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