11 Tips to Live a Happier Life, According to Wellness Experts

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Happiness is a complex concept and has different meanings for people. Some people associate the feeling of happiness with pleasure and good moods, but many therapists consider that this state of mind is more than that. What is happiness? Well, it could be generally defined as overall satisfaction with your life and yourself. So, even though our moods fluctuate during the day, our general emotional condition is positive. 

You have the duty to create your own happiness and it should not depend on anyone, but only on you. We have to admit that the pursuit of happiness is a complex process because it is not about feeling good all the time, having a lot of money and affording everything we want or an easy way to go in life. Happiness is about being content and satisfied with your life. 

According to the Harris Poll Survey of American Happiness, just 30 percent of Americans who participated in the study considered themselves really happy. But according to a General Social Survey, in the United States people are struggling with happiness inequality, which means that the levels and intensity of happiness depend on economic status, race, gender and religion.  

So, the secret is to try to create your own happiness and now you can do this with a little help from professionals from this field! Read on to learn more about this state of mind according to different therapists and wellness experts!

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