10 of the Oldest Cities in the United States

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When it comes to traveling, our mind tries to activate a mental scheme with the most beautiful cities around the world, such as London – the city that has everything you want to see, from entertainment diverse cultures to delicious food and museums – or Bangkok – the capital of Thailand and an exotic city that never gets boring. 

The reason why many people love to travel is that they see different cultures and traditions, learning more about the history of the cities they visit.

While some Americans choose to travel abroad to explore different cultures and to delight in beautiful landscapes, there are people who still exploring the wonderful cities of the USA. Well, if you decide to be part of the second category of people and want to discover the wonderful cities in America, then you will find unforgettable things! 

In the U.S. you will discover some of the oldest cities that are ready to conquer your soul through their impressive history and views. These amazing cities were created before the Revolutionary War and their stories are all unique. 

So, read on to find out the oldest cities in the U.S. and make your vacation more fun and interesting!

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St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida was founded in 1565 by Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles, an explorer from Spain and this is the oldest city in the U.S. 

Today’s tourists can visit attractions from different periods of the city’s history, from archaeological digs that discovered Native American artifacts to a well-preserved Spanish fort. Additionally, St. Augustine can be the perfect vacation for families, and especially for young kids. 

If you visit this place, you can see the Castillo de San Marcos – it was recognized in 1924 as a national monument and is considered the oldest fortress of the United States; the Lightner Museum, the Colonial Quarter, Sf. Augustin Lighthouse & Maritime Museum and more.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is the second oldest city in America and it was founded in 1607. Conquistador Don Pedro de Peralta gave it this name – Santa Fe – making this city the capital of New Mexico in 1609.

Today, Santa Fe is one of the most famous and unique cities in the entire state, and many first-time visitors immediately fall in love with it. 

Moreover, Santa Fe is a very artistic city, where you can find native American crafts and jewelry for sale, musicians performing improvised songs on the streets and other amazing homemade souvenirs. This is also a wonderful destination for individuals who love to spend time at the spa and for gourmets because the traditional food is delicious here. 

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New York City

In 1664, the city was conquered by the British and they named it New York City, after the English Duke of York and Albany. At the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War, New Amsterdam gained control of Run Island, while England conquered New York. 

New York City became the venue for several major battles known as the New York Campaign during the American Revolutionary War. The Continental Congress met later in New York at Federal Hall, and on the 30th of April 1789 inaugurated the first president of the United States, George Washington.

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Boston, Massachusetts

Boston was founded in 1630 by Massachusetts Bay Colony. Today, Boston is one of the most important and powerful cities in the U.S., both economically and culturally. From a cultural point of view, Boston owns the oldest public park in the United States, namely Boston Common, located near the city’s financial district. 

Some major annual events take place in the city, such as First Night, the Boston Music Festival, the Boston Arts Festival, and other Catholic festivals of Italian origin. 

The city is known for both theater and classical music – for instance, Emerson Cutler Majestic Theatre, Citi Performing Arts Center and Symphony Hall are just a few of the most famous historic buildings dedicated to the arts.

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Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg was created in 1632 and is part of the American state of Virginia. 

Williamsburg was the capital of the colony (and later of the state) of Virginia from 1705 to 1779, and today it tries to re-create those historical times for the visiting tourists, namely keeping the original buildings or trying to rebuild or restore others in the same manner. 

Even if you do not visit Williamsburg for its history, you can enjoy the cuisine or walks through the restored area, and other museums, where you will meet people dressed in 18th-century clothing.

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Newport, Rhode Island

Newport was founded in 1639 on Rhode Island, by Anne Hutchinson and a group of followers. Rhode Island is the smallest state of America.

Now, Newport is famous for its amazing seaport and harbor. Moreover, this city is popular for people who spend the summer there, spending huge amounts of money. 

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Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis was created in 1649 and it was also known as the “Athens of America.” Located on the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and a picturesque community with wonderful old buildings and amazing ocean views.

The city has a vibrant theater scene, some wonderful parks, and opportunities for developing skills in water sports, especially during the summer season. 

Annapolis became popular for its impressive seafood recipes, for being home to the U.S. Naval Academy and the Maryland State House.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston was founded in 1670, named after King Charles II. It is one of the oldest cities in South Carolina. Back then, in 1886 after a terrible earthquake, Charleston suffered serious destruction. After this sad event, the city was rebuilt, and today it is considered a jewel due to the old and vintage architectural style of the buildings. 

People choose to visit this beautiful city because it offers a lot of buzzing restaurants, vibrant art, and style, and boasts an impressive history. If you decide to go there, you can visit the Nathaniel Russell House, the Charleston Museum, Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Angel Oak Tree, the Sullivan’s Island Beach and much more.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the United States of America, being located on the border with the states of New Jersey and Delaware. The city of Philadelphia was founded in 1682 by William Penn.

This city had an important role in the American Revolutionary War because the Continental Congress met here and the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were created in this place. For 10 years from 1790 to 1800, Philadelphia was even our country’s capital.

It is said that Philadelphia offers the largest collection of public art in America, thanks to the Mural Art program. Another point of interest for nonconformist art enthusiasts is Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, a place for unusual and almost rebellious folk art. 

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Frenchman Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville founded New Orleans in 1718 on a curve of the Mississippi River. 

People come to New Orleans to have fun, but they can also discover that this city has an impressive history and many other unique things, such as delicious food and beautiful architecture. 

The café in the French Quarter is the place where you can eat the best beignets – donuts with lots of powdered sugar, next to a chicory coffee. Donuts are a New Orleans specialty, and Cafe du Monde has been selling donuts for 158 years!

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