8 Futuristic Inventions That Actually Exist

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Robo dogs

There are a lot of people who do not have the possibility to own a pet because you have to spend time and walk it daily and it is important not to leave it alone at home. So, for them, a robot dog would be wonderful, and yes, it actually exists! 

For instance, Massachusetts State Police has become the first police agency from the U.S. that uses robot dogs. Details on their use are insufficient, but the documents suggest that robot dog has been used to give police officers images of any suspicious devices or to find out where the suspects are hiding.

It seems that the robot dogs were made by a company that was inspired by an episode of the TV series “Black Mirror”. These creations have many features, such as seen in 360 degrees, navigate rough terrain, running with 3.5 mph for 90 minutes on a single charge. 

Massachusetts State Police said that these dogs were not and will not be armed, being used only as an additional aid.

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