7 Things the Presidents’ Handwriting Reveals About Them

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James Madison

James Madison was the fourth President of the United States of America. He was also one of the most important founders of the American state.

So, based on his handwriting it turns out that he had a rather shy and introverted personality because his signature was very small. “Small and concentrated [handwriting] expresses introversion and demonstrates the writer with excellent powers of concentration,” explains Poizner. “After all, look at how he concentrates on his words and letters.”

It is true that Madison was known as an introvert because he liked to spend time alone and his favorite activities were hiking or playing chess.

“Intelligence plus introversion means that the person applies their intellect in scholarly ways, versus being the life of the party – very heady, sharp analytical thinking style,” Poizner says. “The sharpness, though, shows a lack of social grace. The more expansive [and] rounded the writing, the more personable the writer.”

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