7 Things the Presidents’ Handwriting Reveals About Them

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A few years ago, many people wanted to receive different pens as a gift to practice their wonderful handwriting. These days, however, people want the latest models of tablets, computers, and phones, writing becoming technologically advanced. Even if we don’t pay so much attention to how we write, there are psychology specialists who argue that handwriting can reflect the personality and character of individuals. Can you believe it?

So, this rule applies to presidents as well and it is very interesting to see how they are represented by their handwriting and to what extent it is true or not. The internet or newspapers and books are full of biographies of presidents, but the handwriting is something intimate that not everyone has access to it.

Annette Poizner, the author of Clinical Graphology: An Interpretive Manual for Mental Health Practitioners, is a social worker and graphologist and she analyzed some presidential handwriting. Read on to see more!

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