10 Hobbies for Seniors That Will Improve Their Life in 2020

Photo by Dmytro Zinkevych / Shutterstock

Playing bowling games

One of the best ways to keep yourself in shape and to make some new friends is playing a bowling game. In the U.S., 67 million people love to bowl annually and due to this fact, bowling became the number one sport. Just in case you did not know this before, bowling helps you work 134 body muscles.

However, start your day by getting out of bed today, then look in the mirror and repeat after me: “It’s time to make new friends, to improve my lifestyle and to have a new hobby!”

So, do not wait too much for starting this hobby, and if you do not have friends to bowl with them then all you have to do is to join other people randomly and that way you will make new friends too. 

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