9 Most Beautiful Buildings in the World, According to Architects

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The world is full of stunning buildings that every person finds attractive, even though people have a subjective appreciation for architecture. Here’s a list of the most beautiful buildings around the world!

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  1. Gabe Labbad says

    You missed the Pyramids in Giza, Cairo – Egypt and the Artistical Building in Montreal, Canada which proved to be the most attractive combination of “the FUNNY APARTMENTS” ever built. Also the “CHATEAU OF BARON EMPAIN” built in Heliopolis, Cairo – Egypt. The Baron built the Chateau as his residence after he completed the creation of a new City close to Cairo, named “HELIOPOLIS”. In Manila, Philippines, there is a Building most beautiful, called “GLASS BUILDING”, located in “Makati” a Commercial district of Manila in the Philippines. It was built with “GLASSES” all around.

  2. sharon von maur says

    Burj Al arab is beautiful but not the tallest building in the world. another Burj that starts with a K in Dubai is the tallest!