10 Common Things That Became Obsolete

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There was a time when watching a movie at the cinema was much more common than it is today or meeting new friends outside and not on online dating apps. 

Of course, some people still do these ‘unusual’ things, such as direct library documentation and not online, or walking rather than taking the car, but they are called old-schoolers. 

It’s kind of difficult for some individuals to find out that most of their everyday things became obsolete today. We’ve rounded up some common things that have lost their value over time!

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Shopping malls

For many of us, going to the mall is like an oasis of relaxation, because, besides shops, you can find there all kinds of things, such as food courts, ice rinks, salons, and the list can go on.

But what you didn’t know is the fact that malls are like this today because online shopping has become more and more common, and people are no longer going to the mall. So they had to change something to attract people back there.

Nevertheless, some studies show that the level of online shopping will increase in the next years, and in 2022 one out of 4 malls in the U.S. will be out of business.

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Wired headphones

We have to admit that a subway trip is much more relaxing when you don’t have to untangle the wires. Thus, with today’s technology, we enjoy headphones with Bluetooth and wireless and various gadgets in this area.

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DVD stores 

In the last decade, the number of video stores decreased, because there are now different platforms like Netflix, YouTube or others, where you can watch whatever you want without spending a lot of money on DVDs.

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Blind dates

Various dating apps allow you to see and talk to people before dating them. This is a good thing because you don’t have to date someone who is not necessarily the kind of person you want to spend your time with and you could easily move on and meet another person until you find the right one.

But, a few years ago, people preferred to go to blind dates, and the person they were supposed to meet was unknown, so they didn’t know what to expect and they had to behave naturally.

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Mobile phones

Mobile phones were the peak of technology at that time, before introducing the smartphone. Therefore, with that less advanced technology, you could play Snake, you could take pictures at low quality and you had no songs, but just simple ringtones.

There are also advantages to these phones, such as the eternal battery life, unlike today’s smartphones where the battery doesn’t even hold a day. 

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Phone buttons

It was a time when we had to press a button a bunch of times when we wanted to correct a word in a message. One of the best inventions was created in 1992, namely the touchscreen keyboard and it was amazing because with it we saved a lot of time when talking to friends.

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Almost every person used a calculator at least once in high school or at school for different calculations. Of course, now it’s easier for us to keep just a phone equipped with all possible functions that can help us with anything. 

But you have to know that in some social science universities, it’s allowed to have a calculator at the exam for various calculations, the phone being banned there. So, don’t get rid of them because you may need it!

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GPS navigation

TomTom and Garmin were the best portable navigations we could have had at a decent price, before using the app navigations of smartphones. Of course, the maps have lost their value in contemporary society, but if these things had not happened, then society wouldn’t have evolved. Moreover, many cars incorporated GPS navigations into their functions.

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Alarm clocks

A few years ago, people needed some morning motivation, responsibility and an alarm clock. But this has been easily replaced by smartphones with clock and other functions, making them much more practical. Moreover, many studies show that young people use the phone as soon as they wake up.

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Internet cafes 

Not many people had the internet in the first years when it appeared or access to a computer, which is why the Internet café was much more accessible. In a place like this, you could use different social media platforms or even playing various online games. 

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