10 Surprising Things from 2009 We’re Still Missing

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Now that 2019 is about to end, it seems that all the things carry you down the road to nostalgia. When we think about social evolution, the future looks complicated and then we realize that the past cannot be brought back.

What are the things that come to your mind when you think about the last decade? Do you smell the freedom of navigating on social media? Can you feel the innocent time spent watching some TV series? Was it better then?

The last decade has had a great impact on today’s society and we are here to show you how this happened by comparing 2009 with 2019. Read on for more!

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TV Series

Nowadays, it’s easier to watch movies and shows on the internet, but some years ago you had to search a lot on TV for a good one. Mad Men and Breaking Bad were the best series of that period.

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Jersey Shore Show

Jersey Shore was an MTV show and was introduced in 2009. The show suddenly launched celebrities like Snooki, JWoww and The Situation.

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The best blogging period was 10 years ago. Everyone owned a blog, regardless of the topics they covered. Only people who didn’t have a computer or internet didn’t own one.

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The activity on Facebook

Not everyone was using Facebook in 2009, although it was already well known. In those times, you had more intimacy on this social platform, because you were just talking to your friends, you didn’t receive friend requests from strangers or various spammers. 

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The fame of The Black Eyed Peas

This great band had a lot of hits in 2009 such as “I Gotta Feeling” or “Boom Boom Pow” and everybody was singing them. Their songs made history and even today they are still famous and listened to all over the world.

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Bradley Cooper’s evolution

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that name? He is an actor who played in amazing movies like “A Star Is Born” or “American Sniper” and a man who made a lot of people cry in cinemas because of his roles in those movies.

But what people probably don’t know is that Bradley Cooper wasn’t as famous in 2009 and he played the role of that goofball friend in many comedies. 

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Acai – the miracle plant

These miraculous foods – also known as “açaí” – are recognized for the positive effect on people’s lives. So, who wouldn’t have wanted this natural kind of medicine at that time that apparently could solve all your problems? It is supposed to help you lose weight instantly and it increases the energy level and also prevents aging.

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Playing video games 

Believe it or not, 10 years ago people were playing video games in the same room on a single console. It was beneficial for them because they could combine the interaction with the fun of the game. But today technology has advanced and people spend a lot of time alone playing games online.

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Donating to unworthy causes  

Nowadays, people who want to make money create certain unworthy or fake causes such as “saving Matt Damon from Mars” or “Making anti-zombie soap” and the folks interested in it could donate. But in 2009 things were different. People were earning their money in other ways and donations were for real causes.

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Different kinds of movies

A decade ago only some of the movies featured superheroes, but now, more and more movies are about all kinds of mutants with weird latex costumes. Have you noticed that? Nevertheless, Iron Man was the one that appeared in 2008 and became a trendsetter.

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