20 Things Turning 100 in 2020

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The Baby Ruth candy bar will celebrate 100 years in 2020.

Named after Ruth Cleveland, a daughter of former US president Grover Cleveland, the Baby Ruth candy bar was created in 1920.

There’s often confusion surrounding the origins of the candy bar name, as some people assume the treat was named after baseball star Babe Ruth, who was a household name at the time.

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  1. Barney cooley says

    Judge Judy, too. Congrats @100??

  2. Berni cotton says

    They say Judge Judy, has spent 100 years on the air. Also, it has been said she is turning 100years old. Both can’t be true. Only one is true !

  3. Robert Hutchison says

    This is personal but Liberty County in Montana was established in 1920!

  4. debbie williams says

    i have learned so many things . i really enjoy life in photos. i am amazed at a lot of the photos.

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