In Photos: Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019

László Francsics has been named the overall winner in the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 competition, for his composition showing the 35 phases of January’s total lunar eclipse.

Other winners include a panorama of the aurora borealis over the Lofoten Islands in Norway by Nicolai Brügger, an atmospheric image of the photographer Ben Bush with his dog Floyd surrounded by the galactic core of the Milky Way, and a sequence of images of Mars that follows the progress of the great global dust storm by Andy Casely

Check them out for more information and start to see our world through photos!

Statue of Liberty Nebula, by Ignacio Diaz Bobillo

Winner: Stars and Nebulae

M31 Andromeda Galaxy,by Tom Mogford

Highly commended: Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year

The Jewels of Orion, by Ross Clark

Winner: Best Newcomer

The Watcher, by Nicolai Brügger

Winner: Aurorae

Stellar Flower,by Davy van der Hoeven

Winner: Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Ben, Floyd & the Core, by Ben Bush

Winner: People and Space

A Little Fireworks, by Alan Friedman

Winner: Our Sun

Shells of Elliptical Galaxy NGC 3923 in Hydra, by Rolf Wahl Olsen

Winner: Galaxies

Across the Sky of History, by Wang Zheng

Winner: Skyscapes

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