In Photos: The Vintage Car Show Season in Russia

The annual GUM AutoRally is the most prestigious event of the vintage car show season in Russia.

All photographs by: Artyom Geodakyan / TASS / Getty Images

The GUM AutoRally has been held annually since 2014 and is the largest and most important retro car competition in Russia

Festive atmosphere with classic cars and balloons

Visitors take a selfie in Red Square

The youngest car at this year’s rally is 35, the oldest – a GAZ-A convertible – is 85

A young passenger smiles

Checking sunglasses in a car mirror

The rally includes cars such as the ZIL, the Chaika, the Volga, Zaporozhets, Pobeda, Moskvich and the Zhiguli

A ZIL vintage car. The average age of the vehicles participating in the competition is 62. Some of them are reconstructed with care and attention to detail; some of them are treasures that have been in their respective families for generations

A Militsiya vintage car. The Spasskaya Tower clock signals the start of the rally, when 120 cars traverse the route. The main objective is to maintain the required speed and reach the control points on time

The route of the rally changes each year but always takes in Moscow’s best-known landmarks

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