In Photos: Crime Scenes From the LAPD

Crime scene photographs shot by Los Angeles police officers in the line of duty between 1925 and the 1970s are on show at the city’s Lucie Foundation. More than 80 images are on display, drawn from the thousands discovered in a warehouse in 2000 by the fototeka Gallery.

Photographs from the Los Angeles Police Archive is on show until 11 August

A jewellery store robbery that resulted in the death of a bystander – 1932

Forensic detail of bullet holes in a car window – 1942

A body under a bridge over the LA River as police investigate – 1955

Woman under arrest – 1952

Robbery demand note – 1965

A booking photograph of a vagrant in the early 1930s

Detectives calculating the trajectory of a bullet – 1934

An assault victim poses for the camera – 1934. The photograph is now known as the Chinatown photo, after the film

Two men murdered in prohibition-era dispute

A cuffed perpetrator – 1952


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