In Photos: Weird and Interesting Pictures From the Past

From Maryln Rich, suspended by a helicopter over the skyscrapers of Manhattan who performs stunts on behalf of the American Relief for Korea organization, on August 27, 1951 to the motorcycle racer Roland Free who lies horizontally on his bike, these weird photos from the past will give you thrills.

Check them out for more information and start to see our world through photos!

The Jack Conrad Band bus, built for and featured in the 1935 film Stolen Harmony. The streamlined 36-passenger vehicle was driven by a pilot in the “crow’s nest” jutting out over the front bumper, and featured a mighty tail fin above its rear observation deck.

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In orbit are Sister Euphemia (front) and her co-pilot, Sister Michael James, as they ride the Tomorrowland rocket at Disneyland in November 1962. Catholic schools were out on a special holiday, and the park invited students and teachers in a day set aside as Catholic School Day.

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Elevated trains roll above busy streets in Manhattan’s Bowery neighborhood, circa 1895.

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Original caption: “Eleanor Roosevelt rubs noses with a Maori woman from New Zealand, circa 1940.”

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Original caption: “A blimp casts its shadow over the the water as sailing craft follow the course in the President’s Cup Regatta off Hains Point.” Photo taken circa 1940, off Hains Point in southwest Washington, D.C.

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Albert H. Luke (center), an instructor at the Sheil School, advises a student as she operates the controls of a preflight trainer called the “penguin” in Chicago, Illinois, on July 25, 1945. The penguin gives flight students the basic “feel” of flying without leaving the ground.

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Original caption: “Some of the creatures who make their way down Broadway in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade are enough to faze even a taxi driver. Here, throngs of New Yorkers jamming Columbus Circle gape as a flying fish swings onto Broadway from Central Park West.”

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Original caption: “Thirty feet of water raging towards Beardstown, Illinois, as the levee broke under the tremendous pressure. The Illinois River at flood stage, the highest ever known, rapidly poured in the lowlands at the right. In foreground are the C.B. & Q. railroad tracks. The last connecting link between Beardstown and the outside world, just washed away.” Photo was taken on April 18, 1922, by Norman W. Alley of International Newsreel Staff.

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Original caption: “John Otterman drives his cab for the last time. Otterman, 72 years of age, bade farewell to his 25-year-old horse at the end of their last run. Otterman had been driving a cab in New York City for the previous forty years, but the invasion of the taxi and the desire to retire have at last forced him out of business.” Photo taken on April 24, 1922, indicating that Otterman began his career around 1882.

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The motorcycle racer Roland Free lies horizontally on his bike (to reduce wind resistance) as he breaks the world speed record on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats on September 13, 1948.

© Peter Stackpole / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty

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