In Photos: Bizarre Vintage Beauty Trends

The beauty industry is a big business and the evidence is all around us on a regular basis. From mechanical bulls and “portable” saunas to vibrating belts and “slimming” machines, these fads were utterly bizarre. Take a look at some of the most bizarre beauty trends!

Members of the Bluebell Dancing troop use “hip slimming” machines in a French beauty parlor in Paris, France. Jan. 23, 1965.

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Hollywood cosmetics expert Max Factor takes the measurements of a young woman’s head and face with a bizarre contraption which indicated those places on her face which needed to be enhanced or reduced by makeup. 1933.

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Alaskan model Terry Walker uses a “weight reducing” machine which encircles her hips and back while vibrating. 1935.

Time Life Pictures/Mansell/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

A woman receives a facial from a machine using cotton pads over her eyes. 1950.

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Thin arched brows were the rage in the ’30s. Here a woman gets the signature look via a professional beauty therapist with an electric device. May 1934.

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A traveling beauty parlor in London, England. 1930.

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Beatle-mania in a can. The band’s likeness was used on all sorts of products, such as this generic hair spray from 1964.

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Beauty expert Helena Rubinstein illustrates where and how best to apply makeup to flatter her client’s contours. 1935.

Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images

Bavarian actress Inge Marschall demonstrates the use of a shower-hood invented in Germany to protect hair and makeup from getting wet. Feb. 12, 1970. Munich, Germany.

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Margaret Waggoner Mitchell of Kansas City as she approaches 100 years of age gets her grey hair set in to a permanent wave with electrical heaters. 1926.

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A beautician paints a seam on a woman’s leg to create the illusion that she’s wearing stockings. This was during a shortage of nylons in World War II. U.K. May 23, 1940.

A.R. Tanner/Getty Images

A patient wears a flu mask during the flu epidemic that followed World War I. It was their main line of defense against the sickness. Feb. 27, 1919.

Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

An American woman reads a book while “working out.” New York, NY. 1947.

Nina Leen/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

A portable Finnish sauna bath in 1962. It could be folded up and brought virtually anywhere, some Finnish women even gave birth in them. You can actually still buy these.

Yale Joel/Life Magazine/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Members of the Arsenal soccer team get a sunlight treatment. It was thought sunlight treatments could combat diseases like tuberculosis. Jan. 16, 1931.

Fox Photos/Getty Images

American actress Lola Fischer sitting in a steam cabinet at a 24-hour Health Salon. New York, NY. 1955.

Vecchio/Three Lions/Getty Images

Women take steam baths at the Roosevelt Baths in New York. 1938.

George Karger/Pix Inc./The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images


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