15 Celebs Over 40 Who Have Never Looked More Gorgeous

Jennifer Garner, 47

Not only is daily sunscreen a common theme among these gorgeous, age-defying celebs, but drugstore brands like Neutrogena is a shared top choice, especially for Garner.

“If you’re in the sun, you’ve got to have 100+ and you’ve got to reapply it religiously,” Garner recently told Prevention. She also is “loving the Neutrogena Retinol Oil,” which uses retinol SA to lighten dark spots and tighten up deep wrinkles.


Taraji P. Henson, 48

Aging is the last worry on Taraji Henson’s mind. “I honestly don’t even think about age. It’s inevitable,” the actress told Today.

“I just live and keep doing the things I always do.” She contributes good genes, laughter, and “a lot of naps” to her youthful glow, but there is one product she can’t live without: a moisturizing day cream.

The rich, hydrating moisturizer contains active ingredients to lock in moisture and repair dry, damaged skin.


Cindy Crawford, 53

Cindy Crawford has perfect skin. The supermodel started her own skincare company called Meaningful Beauty that boasts, unsurprisingly, some of her favorite face serums, washes, and moisturizers, but her routine also contains other products you can pick up right at the drugstore.


Viola Davis, 53

As the first black woman to receive an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Tony Award in acting, American actress Viola Davis is a Hollywood icon who is about to become your new beauty icon.

The star told Redbook that she’s “addicted to skincare,” which is why she dazzles at 53. She keeps it simple, though, by taking off her makeup with L’Oréal Paris Eye Makeup Remover and washing her face with soap.

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