20 Photos of Barack Obama’s Life After the White House

After eight years in the White House, former U.S. President Barack Obama and his family returned to private life in 2017. Check out what different members of the family have been up to.

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  1. Dick Swift says

    What a lovely family. We’re lucky to have them with us.

    1. SadieWinn4321 says

      You have to be joking!

  2. THOMAS says


    1. Gail says

      The person you are referencing is the one in the White House now.

  3. JEFF says

    WHO CARES~!!!!

  4. Greg says

    No bigger pair of posers in the history of American politics. Rise to the most powerful position in the world with NO credentials and NO accomplishments. By the point in his life that he held a real job, he failed at everything he touched. ONLY in America and ONLY on the left.

    1. SadieWinn4321 says


  5. richard firestone says

    Richard Yes thankfully they are still with us, and hopefully for many more years. what a splendid group of inspiring role models !!!

  6. Ron says

    Not a big fan of theirs

  7. Ron says

    Thanks but I threw it away. I used the scissors to open the pouch and I accidentally cut the wire on it. Don’t worry about it. It was my mistake.

  8. RAYMOND says

    WOW To Have Two Harvard grad how lucky were we to have them in office! As opposed to the C student that we have now who has everyone fooled only the downtrodden and losers that dank this country belongs to them need apply to the president president! Don’t forget that he has not yet to show his tax forms and paperwork for who knows how long plus that he was a draft dodger and if anyone should go back to the country it should be him and his immigrant wife and her EMIGRANT fathers that was granted citizenship via an order that he signed! What a sad sad state of affairs we have in the White House right now freaking draft dodger . I remember when he said believe me I know more than the generals do which is a crock if even think about it it’s a crack he’s a crack she’s a crack and so is his foreign looking daughters and sons!

  9. Richard Wolf says

    Beautiful honorable family ! What a contrast to the lowlife currently in the White House or his preferred Mara Lago estate . Still hard to understand how so calmed Christians rejected honorable President Obama but embrace the immoral tyrant Trump . Has to be a racist thing !

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