15 Psychological Tricks to Make People Like You Immediately

Don’t be complimentary all the time

The “gain-loss theory” of interpersonal attractiveness suggests that your positive comments will have more of an influence if you deliver them only occasionally.

A 1965 study by University of Minnesota researchers shows how this theory might work in practice. Researchers had 80 female college students work in pairs on a task and then allowed those students to “overhear” their partners talking about them. In reality, experimenters had told the partners what to say.

In one scenario, the comments were all positive; in a second scenario, the comments were all negative; in a third, the comments went from positive to negative; and in a fourth, the comments went from negative to positive.

As it turns out, students liked their partners best when the comments went from positive to negative, suggesting that people like to feel that they’ve won you over in some capacity.

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