15 Celebs Who Have Insured Their Body Parts for Millions

Tom Jones’ Chest Hair

Insured for: Rumored at $7 million

Tom Jones’ body hair has more in common with the Yeti than just lusty locks: It’s been something of an urban legend for years.

That is to say, Sir Tom’s chest hair is definitely real, but the debate about whether or not he actually insures his pectoral rug is still up in the air. Dublin-based news program Newstalk traces the story back to 2004, citing its reappearance several times throughout the years.

Reportedly, Lloyd’s was at first skeptical about the request, but later confirmed drafting a plan to protect the chest hair of a “male model” thought to be a cover for Jones.

Though Jones himself denies it, Paul Alan Walls, a consultant at Bridle Insurance, seems to think it’s the real deal; in a 2015 LinkedIn article, he estimated the policy at $7 million.

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