15 Celebs Who Have Insured Their Body Parts for Millions

Mariah Carey’s Combo Package

Insured for: $70 million

Leave it to TMZ to dig up the dirt on mind-boggling celebrity insurance policies. That’s exactly what they did in 2016 when they reported that during a South American tour, Mariah Carey took out two separate $35-million insurance policies for her voice and legs.

That $70 million total — which doesn’t seem too crazy when you consider Mariah’s empire is worth $300 million and growing — makes this quirky body part insurance far and away the most valuable on this list.

But if you know Mariah, you know she’s not just content to win — she has to dominate just like she does on the Billboard charts — on which she ranks as one of the best-selling female artists in history.

And if the rumors are true, dominate she once did; according to the New York Daily News, Mimi had her picture-perfect gams insured for $1 billion when she put them front-and-center in Gillette’s Legs of a Goddess campaign back in 2006.

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