15 Celebs Who Have Insured Their Body Parts for Millions

Keith Richards’ Hands

Insured for: $1.6 million

When you’re the lead guitarist of one of the best-selling musical acts of all time, you’ve got to take care of yourself — or at least, take care of one part of yourself.

Keith Richards’ insurance policy seems like a bit of a paradox. For one, Keith Richards isn’t exactly known for taking care of anything on his body — this is a guy who claims to have stayed awake for nine days straight, and who says he once snorted the ashes of his cremated father with a bit of cocaine.

Secondly, it’s long been speculated that Keith Richards is both immortal and indestructible. Nonetheless, the world-famous underwriters at Lloyd’s of London confirm that Richards has insured his hands for $1.6 million.

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