20 Celebrities Who’ve Made Millions of Dollars Outside of Hollywood

The director of “The Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now” owns a major winery.

Francis Ford Coppola took Hollywood by storm in the 1970s with two “Godfather” movies and “Apocalypse Now.” Now, he directs infrequently, and he focuses on more idiosyncratic movies like “Tetro.”

45 years ago, he bought an estate in Nappa Valley and, by the 1990s, turned it into a bustling winery. Coppola wines are sold all over the world.

“All I know,” Coppola told Wine Enthusiast magazine, “is that one year we did $9 million. Four years later, $60 million. I was making much more money in the wine business than I ever made in films.”

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