Incredible Optical Illusion Images That Will Make You Do a Double Take

If you’ve ever done a double take because you’ve seen a face staring back at you from your dinner plate or spotted a mysterious creature hiding in the foliage, then you’ve experienced pareidolia.

The phenomenon describes seeing familiar objects amid random visual stimuli, such as seeing faces in the clouds.

With that in mind, from a dog in the bath who looked just like a polar bear to a smoked cauliflower resembling molten lava, these photos will make you pause to think twice about what you’re really looking at!Does this smoked cauliflower look like an explosion of molten lava to you? One commenter joked that this must be how special effects are created in films.

The bubbles on this glass look just like a map of the world. ‘Even the bubbles know not to omit New Zealand from the Maps,’ one wrote.These coatis look just like mini Brachiosaurus dinosaurs from the Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic Park, prompting one commenter to joke that ‘science has gone too far’.This ‘wild tiger’ is actually a fluffy dog taking a nap, but the person who took the photo said they had a ‘small heart attack’ at first glance.This frost on a window reminded some people of drawings by Dr. Seuss, and everyone agreed the patterns were ‘beautiful’.It’s an apple! It’s a watermelon! It’s an oddly-shaped cucumber! This vegetable just does not know what it wants to be, but it’s actually a pumpkin.Wait a minute… This is not a landscape shot from above but a close up of two puddles of frozen water.

These are not cassettes. Buses carrying tourists to the Mecca in Jerusalem stuck in a traffic jam look just like someone’ s music collection on tape.

Roar! This dog turns into a fluffy polar bear every time he takes a bath, his owner revealed.Is it a perfect cloud that looks like a feather, or a perfect feather that looks like a cloud? You decide.

This futuristic room looks like a very cool set from a music video, until you realise it’s a cheese grater captured from the inside.

Look into my ice: This is not the eye of some evil creature, but some frozen water that people described as ‘scary and beautiful at the same time’.Off for a walk? The low-hanging branches on this tree looked just like a pair of human legs off for a stroll.

One Bored Panda user was bowled over by these wildflowers, saying they looked like a ‘little chicken choir holding open hymn books’, while another could see ‘fantastic creatures with tiny eyes with mouth wide open and white tongues. With green hair. Or green ears with hats.’

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