20 Simple Social Skills That Will Make You Instantly More Likable

Call people by their name

The next time someone greets you by name or uses your name mid-conversation, remember how great that feels.

If you have trouble putting names to faces, try different strategies, such as using imagery or rhymes associated with the name.

Former Business Insider Careers editor Jacquelyn Smith learned the art of remembering names from her dad, who taught her a few key tips:

• Repeat people’s names numerous times as you speak to them

• Tell someone else these people’s names, in case you do forget and need a reminder

• Write names down in your phone with a short description of who they are/how you met them.

“In life, and at work, remembering people’s names can help you build stronger relationships and avoid awkward situations,” Smith says. “People also appreciate when you remember their name – as it’s a sign of respect and thoughtfulness.”

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