How the Typical American Day Has Changed in the Last 15 Years


Eating and drinking


– Average time spent on activity: 1.24 hours/day (-6.1% 15-year change)

– Population engaged in activity: 95.1% (+4.0% 15-year change)


– Average time spent on activity: 1.32 hours/day

– Population engaged in activity: 91.4%

As obesity continues to rise in the United States, it seems surprising that the amount of time the average person spends eating and drinking each day is going down.

The data show, however, that the difference lies more in the amount of time spent traveling (related to eating and drinking) rather than the acts of consumption.

On average men spend more time (0.51 hours per day) in travel related to food and drink than women do (0.50 hours a day).

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