How the Typical American Day Has Changed in the Last 15 Years

Religious and spiritual activities


– Average time spent on activity: 1.44 hours/day (-17.2% 15-year change)

– Population engaged in activity: 9.3% (+14.8% 15-year change)


– Average time spent on activity: 1.74 hours/day

– Population engaged in activity: 8.1%

Time for religious and spiritual activities includes how long Americans spend attending religious services and participating in religious practices, like prayer or meditation.

According to the Pew Research Center, 76.5% of Americans reported believing in God and practicing some sort of religion. By 2017, the number of non-religious Americans had jumped from 26.5% to 33%.

The decrease in the number of people who adhere to a religion and its practices may account for the drop in time the average American spends on religious and spiritual activities.

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