How the Typical American Day Has Changed in the Last 15 Years



– Average time spent on activity: 1.60 hours/day (-1.8% 15-year change)

– Population engaged in activity: 34.4% (-8.3% 15-year change)


– Average time spent on activity: 1.63 hours/day

– Population engaged in activity: 37.5%

Housework includes things like interior cleaning, laundry, and organizing household items. Men have begun shouldering more of the responsibility (in 2003 they spent an average of 1.16 hours a day, while in 2017 they spent 1.26 hours a day), but women still do the majority of this work (1.73 hours a day in 2017).

The decrease in time spent on these chores likely is because homes are smaller, there are more multi-purpose cleaning products on the market, and families are smaller.

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