15 Ways Life Was Better 50 Years Ago

It’s no secret that technology has made most of our lives much easier. From ordering food to a fast Google search, technology has made the world more convenient.

But there are some aspects of our lives that haven’t benefited from technology. In fact, some things were better 50 years ago and are more complicated, more expensive, and more dangerous to do now.

Keep reading to find out how life was better five decades ago.

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  1. Manny says

    Would love to go back to the 1950s..n..60s
    Were people were people, honest. Happy,
    Forgiven,and respect other people’s property
    Kids watching children programs. Rolling
    Skateing ,make up games,..staying out side until
    Mom / dad called to eat..it goes on .n..on.


    Muy buenas fotografías para los que nos gusta la fotografía muchas gracias

  3. Robert says

    Now when you lived through the era that this is talking about when more persons had more mental issues than they do today, in fact the term “crazy house” which were mental institutions run by the state and privately were full of those persons. The streets are now full of those same persons who can not or will not get the help they need.
    Now some live today in a utopia in their mind of what the 1950’s and 1960’s were like but the true history paints a different picture than they post. Just look at crime statistics from that era, unwanted pregnancies, run away children and crime within the family house hold, also look at how anyone except whites were treated at any level in life.
    I lived through the 1940’s up until today and much prefer today.

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