These 13 Rare Photos Show What Life Was Like Aboard the Titanic

The band played on

Live entertainment was a major luxury on board. “One thing I have come to realize was the importance of the band during the voyage,” says Don Lynch, historian for the Titanic Historical Society.

“People didn’t have radios, iPods, or any way of playing music during the day. Even in their own homes they either had to make their own music or repeatedly crank the Victrola.

Having access to a small orchestra that would play requests was quite special. Third class, of course, still had to make its own.” They did have their own piano on which to do so, according to the BBC.

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  1. David says

    Ann Elizabeth Isham was a true hero for refusing to abandon her Great Dane when the ship went down.

  2. Scott Ryan says

    That’s amazing. You’re not wrong, 1st class today on an ocean liner, will cost you 2 – 4000 dollars.

  3. Ray Mattes says

    As a history teacher and always a Titanic fan, I have been intrigued with this ship and its tragic end. What a shame and what a self pompous desire to throw caution to the wind to attempt to break the Atlantic crossing record at the time.

  4. Beverly Landis says

    I wouldn’t leave without my pet, either. Pets are members of the family. The poor dog would have been so frightened without his mistress. They should have let her hold him in one of the boats.

  5. susan riley says

    I really enjoyed the photos of life aboard Titanic. Please show more pictures and information about life aboard Titanic. Love reading and looking at all your articles.