You Won’t Believe What Women Secretly Do (20 Pics)

#1. Picking your nose in public places, but hoping no one will see.


#2. Peeing in the shower.

Those who say they don’t do it are just liars.

#3. Wearing that really tight shirt and hoping it won’t break during the day
#4. Wearing the same bra¬†every single day without washing it because it’s your favorite

It doesn’t matter if you have 200 bras at home

#5. Trying to take a good pic 100 times just because you’re in the mood for it

#6. Spending hours in the bathtub just to take out the hair that grew under your skin

That’s what’s really happening there, guys.

#7. Keeping money in the bra to make sure you don’t lose it
#8. Fixing your bra when you go in a public bathroom

#9. Smelling clothes you’ve already worn to check if you can wear them again

#10. Searching for the smallest, tiniest extra hair on your eyebrows
#11. And eventually ending up like this:
#12. Eating sweets in the supermarket while on period
#13. Leaving their bag on the floor when going to a public bathroom
#14. Picking pimples in the car at red stops thinking that no one will see you
#15. Creating a true work of art out of toilet paper because you weren’t ready for that time of the month
#16. Trying to curl eye lashes and eventually breaking them
#17. Shaving every single inch of your body. Every one of them.
#18. Peeling off dead skin from the lips
#19. Being ashamed to do no. 2 in your boyfriend’s house all the time
#20. Secretly looking outside through the bathroom door you left open

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  1. Gerard Albingier says

    The Blonde picking her nose is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S !!!!!

  2. Gerry Albingier says

    Pic #4—WOW !! LONG haired brunette–white top and blue TIGHT leggin-pants !!
    What a DOLL !!

  3. Gerard Albingier says

    Pic #5 ?
    Long-haired Blonde babe in yellow short and SHORT-SHORT jean cut-offs—-HOTTTTTTT!!!

  4. fred dunbar says

    I could probably forgive this woman 7,950 times for picking her nose in public but after that, she’d better straighten up and fly right!

  5. Johnny says

    My wife was the worst

  6. Maureen fitzpatrick says

    Don’t even want to know about the men things

  7. Jeff Singer says

    As far as #1 goes………I would Eat her boogers.

  8. Charlie says

    Pic # 2- She can pee in my shower any day!

  9. Larrymsullivan says

    U forgot going out on u as almost all women secretly do, u just have 2 spot check them occasionally, you’ll find out.

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