In Photos: Underwater Caves That Will Leave You Speechless

Ordinskaya, Russia

Ordinskaya (also called Orda Cave) is the largest underwater gypsum cave in the world, and the only one that offers underwater excursions. It is believed to have been formed over 300 million years ago. Interestingly, since gypsum is a water-soluble mineral, the cave’s structure keeps changing over time, with new passages and chambers formed on almost daily basis.

Victor Lyagushk/Barcroft Media/Getty Images


Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe

The Chinhoyi Caves have a colorful history, including tales of robber barons, tribal warfare and murder. A principal attraction here is the Wonder Hole – a cavern with a collapsed roof which drops to the Sleeping Pool and its crystal-clear waters. The Hole is open year-round but, be warned, the cave system is slowly collapsing and could disappear over time.

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Chac Mool, Mexico

A visit to the deep, dark and mysterious Chac Mool cenote in Mexico is made breathtaking by low levels of light underwater, making it a technically difficult dive even for professionals. It is also an interesting dive because of haloclines – a layer of water that acts as a buffer between normal to salty levels of seawater.

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