15 Places in the World Where Selfies Are Not Allowed

People love selfies. Whether it’s a snapshot with a favorite A-lister or a portrait set against a breathtaking vista at golden hour, the medium has overtaken social media feeds like a highly infectious, insanely stylized virus.

And people will go to insane lengths to rack up the likes a perfect shot will get: they’ll dangle out of helicopters, they’ll leap off of cliffs, they’ll scale skyscrapers. One woman even climbed all the way up Christ the Redeemer, the iconic, 125-foot-tall statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro.

Still, no matter how far some people will go to nab the perfect selfie—no matter how determined or courageous—there are some shots that are simply impossible to get. Why? Because it’s illegal.

In recent years, thanks in no small part to the fact that pretty much everyone has a camera in their pocket nowadays, officials have ramped up anti-selfie and anti-photography rules.

Here are 15 places where that’s the case. If you find yourself at any of them, you might want to think twice before snapping.

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