13 Famous Historical Figures Who May Have Sold Their Soul to The Devil

Giuseppe Tartini

Giuseppe Tartini wrote over 400 works over the course of his career, and unlike most of his contemporaries, he composed no church music, focusing instead on violin concerti and sonatas. The story of his alleged deal with the Devil originates in his most famous piece, “Devil’s Trill Sonata.”

Tartini allegedly dreamed that the Devil had come to him asking Tartini to be his servant. Tartini gave the Devil his violin, who immediately began to play with such skill that he took Tartini’s breath away. When the composer rose from his dream, he immediately wrote down the sonata from memory, and thus wrote the most popular piece of music of his career.

Despite the sonata’s success, the composer knew that the piece was still far from the Devil’s original rendition. What Tartini himself had written was, in his own words, “So inferior to what I had heard, that if I could have subsisted on other means, I would have broken my violin and abandoned music forever.”

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  1. Archie San Romani says

    Looking at all this makes me remember…. Bob Timmons?? my high school track coach, He said, “you are on your way, or in the way”… the take on this is always look and move forward…. or like Bill Bowerman, from Oregon, said, ” sometimes you come home a champion, holding your shield high… sometimes you come home on it… a winner always gets up and back in the game… for what ever, but, the idea of all that works in everyday life…. ( for some )

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