In Photos: Grand Canyon National Park Turns 100

The adventurers and photographers Ellsworth and Emery Kolb on the Colorado river, circa 1911-12. ‘Ellsworth and Emery Kolb were the last of the Grand Canyon pioneers, and the most colorful,’ says Roger Naylor, who wrote a book about the brothers. ‘They dangled from ropes, clung to sheer cliff walls by their fingertips, climbed virtually inaccessible summits, ran seemingly impassable white-water rapids, braved the elements, and ventured into unknown wilderness – all for the sake of a photo’

Photograph: Courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park Museum Collection


A party rides down the Angle trail on 16 March 1911. Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th US president, can be seen at the front

Photograph: Kolb Bros/Courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park Museum Collection

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