In Photos: A Look Back at 1969

FBI agents carry Vietnam War draft resister Robert Whittington Eaton, 25, from a dwelling in Philadelphia on April 17, 1969, where Eaton had chained himself to 13 young men and women. The agent leading the way pushed one of the group who tried to block the path to the sidewalk. At least six young persons were taken away with Easton.

Warren M. Winterbottom / AP


Original caption: “Special Delivery. Dong Ha, South Vietnam: A helicopter drops another howitzer for a contingent of the U.S. 3rd Marine Division that is occupying a high area near the Laotian border. Some 5,000 U.S. and South Vietnamese troops massed to stage a drive against an area near the abandoned allied fortress at Khe Sanh in a search for North Vietnamese regulars and the equipment.”

Bettmann / Getty


Juanita Boyd, wife of Secretary of Transportation Alan S. Boyd, and Anna Chennault talk on a roof deck of the Watergate East co-op apartment building after having tea, in Washington D.C.

Michael Rougier / The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty


The American Falls at Niagara Falls, New York, dried up to little more than a trickle, giving visitors an unusual chance to see the rocks normally hidden from view by the water, June 1969. For several months, the U.S. Army diverted the flow of the river to study the underlying geology and the cliff face below the falls.


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