In Photos: Rare Pictures of Martin Luther King, Jr.

With his wife, Coretta

King met his wife Coretta Scott when he was studying for his doctorate at Boston University and she was studying music at the New England Conservatory. They married in 1953 and had four children. They’re pictured here in 1956 during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, which was organized by King and several other local civil rights leaders to protest segregation, in particular on public transportation.

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King’s arrest during the Montgomery Bus Boycott

King and the other boycott leaders were arrested for their role in the boycott. Here King is being booked by Montgomery’s police lieutenant. D.H. Lackey. King spent months in jail during the boycott but, through his efforts and those of his supporters, the country could no longer turn a blind eye to segregation and Jim Crow laws.

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His home bombed, King urges nonviolence

During the Montgomery Bus Boycott, King’s house was firebombed by resentful neighbors. Here he’s addressing a crowd from his front porch after the bombing, urging them not to resort to violence and to remain calm as they peacefully resisted segregation.


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