In Photos: Fascinating Abandoned Military Structures

Fort Ord: Monterey Bay Coast, CA

Established in 1917 as a target range, Fort Ord was long-considered America’s most beautiful Army base. Situated on 45 miles of the picturesque coast of California’s Monterey Bay, the base once housed 50,000 troops and served as a major staging area for the Vietnam and Korean wars. Closed in 1994, it was discovered that the base-turned-Superfund-site was one of the most toxic places in America. Plans were announced in 2018 to demolish the last remaining structures.

Presidio of Monterrey // Flickr

The Devil’s Slide Bunker: Coast of San Mateo County, CA

Driving California’s scenic coastal route of Highway 1, you may notice a strange building that looks like it’s growing out of a boulder. That’s Devil’s Slide, an observation bunker encased in a nest of rocks during World War II, when conventional wisdom suggested that a Japanese attack on America’s West Coast was all but certain. The attack never came, the Allies won the war, and the bunker was left to decay and become exposed as its rock encasement eroded away.

Christopher Michel // Wikimedia Commons

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