In Photos: Fascinating Abandoned Military Structures

Saint Nazaire Submarine Base: Saint Nazaire, France

During World War II, Saint Nazaire was one of the most important Atlantic harbors. When the Nazis conquered France, they erected a gargantuan concrete fortification that still stands today. Once a critical base for sheltering and repairing German U-boats, the marine base was so enormous it could even receive the Third Reich’s largest battleships for maintenance.

Jean-Pierre Dalbéra // Flickr

Željava Underground Air Base: Željava, Croatia

The border between modern-day Croatia and Bosnia witnessed brutal violence during both World Wars, as well as crushing post-war occupation and subsequent war after the Soviet collapse. During communist occupation, the Soviets built a huge underground air base that once housed dozens of fighter jets. In 1992, Serbian forces destroyed the base to prevent it from falling into Croatian hands, and the site has been abandoned ever since.

Jerry Gunner // Wikimedia Commons

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