In Photos: Fascinating Abandoned Military Structures

Teufelsberg Listening Station: Berlin, Germany

One of the finest views of Berlin can be taken in from a former American listening station perched atop a hill of rubble. The Cold War relic was comprised of a series of listening devices and gear for jamming Soviet radio signals across the divided city. When the Cold War ended, the station became a sunset hangout, as well as a tapestry for graffiti artists.

Matt Biddulph // Flickr

Balaklava Submarine Base: Balaklava, Crimea

Looking today at the idyllic, yacht-strewn Balaklava Bay, you’d never guess the strategic Russian port on the southwestern tip of the Crimean Peninsula was once a maritime nuclear fortress. The Cold War submarine base was designed for two purposes: to survive an American nuclear assault, and retaliate with a launch. You can visit this hulking relic, which is still guarded by a 165-ton steel gate, designed to withstand a blast with five times the power of the Hiroshima bomb.


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