In Photos: The Luminaries of the New York Jazz Scene

Front row, from left: Stuff Smith, Marian McPartland, Miff Mole, Gene Krupa, Jimmy Rushing, Roy Eldridge, Max Kaminsky, Hilton Jefferson. Laughing on the right, up the stairs, is Dizzy Gillespie. ‘ It would be sort of a graduation photo or class picture of all the jazz musicians. After I thought about it some more I decided they should get together in Harlem. After all, that’s where jazz started when it came to New York’ – Art Kane

Photograph: Art Kane


Dizzy Gillespie crossing the street with a camera. ‘ The fact that all 57 musicians agreed to show up for a 10am photoshoot is a true testament to how dedicated they were. These musicians did not gather together on this early morning because they thought they would be paid or instantly be made an international superstar. Rather, they did it to celebrate the golden age of jazz and all that it stood for. Jazz was never just a genre, it was a way of life. And it still is’ – Quincy Jones

Photograph: Art Kane

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