In Photos: The Pop Stars of the 80s

Adam and the Ants – Kings of the Wild Frontier LP sleeve

Ashworth says: ‘On 5 August 1980, prior to his first slot on Top of the Pops, Adam Ant got the band together in a small rehearsal room in Brixton to create a video test. Shooting stills from the monitor screen during the band performance produced some powerful images. Two days later a repeat shoot from the video recording, in a blacked-out studio, produced the sleeve image, the first time a video image had been used on a record sleeve’


Associates – Sulk LP sleeve

‘Billy MacKenzie and Alan Rankine sit nonchalantly in a riot of richly lit plants in an out-of-season summer house on park benches covered in dust-sheets. The image is striking for the contradiction between the almost bored, distracted attitudes of Billy and Alan and the energized shadows and colors painting the set. The location is south London, exact whereabouts unknown. Shot on 11 February 1982’

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