In Photos: Showing Memorable Events in the History

1855: Crimean War

A cavalry camp showing people, horses and tents on the plains of Balaclava, during the Crimean War. Roger Fenton’s photos from the Crimean War were among the earliest attempts to capture war events through photography.

Roger Fenton/Library of Congress

1862: Abraham Lincoln during Civil War

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln with General George B. McClellan and a group of officers near Antietam Creek during the Civil War.

Alexander Garnder

1903: The first flight

The photo shows the first powered, controlled, sustained flight. Orville Wright was at the controls of the machine. Wilbur Wright, running alongside to balance the machine, had just released his hold on the forward upright of the right wing.

Orville Wright and John T. Daniels

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