20 Rare Celebrity Photos Taken Before They Passed Away

These photos captured legendary performers just days or hours before their lives ended. In some cases, they were happy and laughing, enjoying life before it was tragically cut short. Others show their deep troubles in their faces, making it clear how they suffered.

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  1. Keena H. Smith says

    Love your photos, especially of Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix and Amy Winehouse! However, I did not find a black and white photo of Marvin Gaye that I would love to purchase, as long as the price is right! ): I’d love to obtain a poster size of Marvin Gaye for framing. Can you assist me in this endeavor? Thank you so much!

    1. Bruse Bell says

      Did you ever find a poster? There’s plenty available.

  2. Ronald Ferreira says

    the album john autographed is about a million dollars

  3. Ronald Ferreira says

    james deans car has a death curse all who have parts or the whole car has died in it

  4. Rita L Baynes says

    Love all of it! Great Photos and Captions. Thank you.

  5. sandi Marcus Juhlin says

    JANES DEAN…..it still hurts.