In Photos: Places That Are Forbidden to Tourists

Area 51, USA

Located in the Nevada desert, this U.S. military outpost is possibly the worst-kept secret in history. Beloved by UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, it’s rumored to house top-secret U.S. experiments alongside crashed alien technology.


Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China

The man who is generally acknowledged as the grandfather of the country we now know as China spent as much time planning for his death as he spent living life. After his death in 210 BCE, he was buried with more than 2,000 terracotta reproductions of his army, his family and his horses. But, while archaeologists have been allowed to investigate the site, Qin Shi Huang’s mausoleum itself remains off-limits to everyone by order of the government.


Coca-Cola Vault, USA

Alongside KFC’s blend of herbs and spices, the 125-year-old recipe for the much-loved fizzy drink is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the food and drink industry. In fact, Coca-Cola’s original recipe is so secret that it’s kept in an underground vault in Georgia that tourists can visit but not enter.



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