In Photos: Places That Are Forbidden to Tourists

Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory

With its pristine sand beaches and coral reefs, this tropical outpost looks like an idyllic island paradise on paper. However, this particular paradise has been off-limits to the general public ever since local residents were forcibly evicted in 1973 in order to build a military outpost on its shores.


Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil

This Brazilian paradise would undoubtedly be one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations if it wasn’t for the thousands of venomous snakes that currently call it home. Appropriately known as “Snake Island”, this land is swarming with more than 4,000 incredibly deadly reptiles, which is why it has never been opened to tourists.


Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City, Italy

The Secret Archives, located in the depths of the Vatican, are off-limits to all but a very small number of lucky individuals. They are thought to contain some 53 miles of shelving including documents dating back to the 8th century; among the more famous items in the collection are Henry VIII’s written request for a marriage annulment and letters from Michelangelo.


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