23 Rare Celebrity Photos That Will Leave You Speechless

Celebrities are humans too even if they are on the spotlight almost every day. This gallery will be a delight for your eyes because we bet you haven’t seen these celebrity photos before. From Arnold Schwarzenegger strolling through Munich in a bathing suit to Kenny Baker and Muhammad Ali fooling around, these rare pictures will put a smile on your face, so don’t miss them!

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  1. Todd Pollins says

    Picture #4 Looks more like Basil Rathbone than Rex Harrison

    1. Ron Kondler says

      My sentiments EXACTLY..That IS Basil Rathbone!!

  2. Brenda Williams says

    I really enjoyed looking at these old pictures. It helped me to see the other side of their everyday lives!

  3. Tom Rockwell says

    I agree with Todd about #4 is Basil Rathbone, not Rex Harrison

    1. Alexa LaVon says

      Totally agree Todd and Tom! It’s Basil. Coloring makes it clear the head is photo-shop placed onto Rex’s body… and he is not looking down at the letter along with Audrey. So obvious.

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