In Photos: Returning Home From the Vietnam War

‘The Democratic convention is about to begin in a police state, there doesn’t appear to be any other way to describe it,’ news anchorman Walter Cronkite said

Photograph: Photograph by Michael Cooper, fr

Inside the convention hall, police were accused of Gestapo tactics on the streets as anti-war delegates inside lost out and vice-president Hubert Humphrey won the nomination. Here, Allen Ginsberg and William S Burroughs look on inside the 1968 Democratic national convention

‘I think we raised very serious questions about why, for the first time since the civil war in 1864, a convention of the government in office has had to be surrounded by barbed wire and military force,’ Tom Hayden, anti-war activist organiser in post-Chicago interview

Photograph: Krause, Johansen/Photograph by Michael Cooper, fr


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