In Photos: The World’s Most Unspoiled Places

Patagonia, Chile/Argentina

South America’s vast Patagonia region is as off the beaten track as it gets. The destination is part of the adventure and the challenging and meandering Carretera Austral (Chile’s Route 7) through northern Patagonia is 770 miles of wild and remote road.


The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galápagos is an isolated group of islands 605 miles off the west coast of Ecuador. Famous for being the place that inspired naturalist Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species, the diversity of wildlife here is mind-blowing.

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Opposing southwest and north winds have sculpted the Namib Desert’s colossal vivid-red sand dunes, which are the world’s tallest and oldest. Visit at sunrise and it’s likely you won’t see another soul.


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